Our mission

We are a Czech-based engineering company with experience in the design, construction and modification of complex mechanical and thermal-hydraulic equipment. We also provide turn-key solutions for testing in extreme environmental conditions such as in the nuclear field or in space applications.

Our team of engineers and technicians covers design development, customized modeling and detail analysis, and also ensures manufacturing, extending to support during on-site installation or start-up.

We rely on an established network of local companies based in the Czech Republic to complement our team with comprehensive, flexible manufacturing and QA capabilities, including the academic sector.

We offer

Development of turn-key solutions for the production of thermal-hydraulic, mechanical, electro-mechanical and sensor components in a wide range of conditions.

We can support a customer in the various stages of :

  • Specification, early-stage concepts, trade-offs
  • Preliminary design optimisation
  • Detail design, validation, manufacturing documentation
  • Manufacturing, delivery, on-site support

The areas of technology we are most experienced in include:

  • Test rigs for aeronautical and space applications
  • Nuclear power test rigs
  • Concentrated Solar Power pilot plants
  • Liquid metal technology loop
  • Composite and lightweight engineering
  • High thermal loads testing

Our Customers

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